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LIFE 066-27 Car Lithium Ion Battery - LIFE 066-27

LIFE 066-27 Car Lithium Ion Battery - LIFE 066-27
Product Name:LIFE 066-27 Car Lithium Ion Battery
Model:LIFE 066-27
Categories:Car Lithium Ion Battery
  • LIFE 066-27 Car Lithium Ion Battery - LIFE 066-27

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LIFE 066-27 Car Lithium Ion Battery description

TENGID LIFE 066-27 lithium Ion Battery is the high performance for automotive starter especially developed for car with start & stop system and motorsports.equals 66AH, 12.8V for extreme environm ents of low and high temperature It is the perfect of replacement from a AGM, GEL, or lead acid battery.

TENGID is batteries use lithium, which is lighter than lead-acid and packs more power.Our batteries deliver higher power during cranking, and hold a higher voltage during discharge than a comparably sized lead acid battery. That means a hotter ignition, faster starts, and more watts for your accessories.
LiFe 066-27 is only 5.5kgs, 12.125lb,70% lighter than then comparable sized lead acid battery, improve performance of your car also less fuel consumption.
TENGID is lithium-ion batteries can be fully recharged in 15 minutes, much faster than a lead acid battery that at least need 6 hours.
TENGID is lithium-ion batterries is Long cycle start life,The test shows that charge and discharge are more than 2000 times and lead acid batteries are generally about 300.
Around 1.5% per month, lead-acid batteries for Automotive vehicles start and stop are usually around 10% per month.
TENGID lithium ion batterries have BMS protection function, such as overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit and over temperature protection.
TENGID is lithium-ion batteries do not contain toxic materials (lead/acid), or emit harmful gases like standard lead-acid batteries. Also, our batteries use Lithium Iron Phosphate which is the safest form of lithium chemistry.


Our factory has set full holding LIFE 066-27 Car Lithium Ion Battery manufacturer and the factory covers 12,000 Square Meters with modern high standard workshop. With exquisite craftsmanship and modern techniques, make our products of LIFE 066-27 Car Lithium Ion Battery to rank first among similar products. We look forward to cooperation with customers around the world.