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BYD Leopard 5 wheels parameters

BYD Leopard is a professional personalized brand under BYD Automobile Company, also known as the "F brand" previously circulated. It was officially named "Equation Leopard" on June 9th this year. Equation Leopard Automobile will explore more possibilities of "electricity" based on the growing personalized needs of consumers, and apply BYD's professional new energy "Leopard Power Technology". Explore more possibilities above "electricity" and create a personalized life form that awakens everyone's inner instincts through BYD's professional new energy "Leopard Power" technology.


Since its launch, it has sold over 5000 units per month and is an electric and oil hybrid hardcore SUV that can be used for off-road and street driving. It is fuel-efficient and weighs 2.8 tons, but the average fuel consumption is around 7.8 liters. Excellent performance in all aspects.

But the wheels still bring a lot of room for modification to the after-sales service,

Based on the shape and color of this model, we have tailored a matching MAT wheel hub F1907 in antique bronze color. Of course, there are also other colors to choose from, and the wheel specifications are 18X8.5 ET+18 6X1397 center hole 64.1

If the car owner has any other specific modification requirements and needs major modifications, please contact our WeChat and our engineers separately.

The prevalence of counterfeit goods on the market and the lack of quality assurance for low-quality wheels pose significant safety hazards to driving,

Please recognize the genuine MAT brand, do not buy wheels cheap, life is priceless, cherish yourself.

It is recommended that car owners find professional modification shops or tire 4S shops (authorized by us),

Blindly being unprofessional can bring many problems.

For more inquiries, please add WeChat, public website or official website