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Tank300Wheel | BlackMudWheels|M550|

Tank300Wheel ModificationPlan | BlackMud Wheel|M550|

The Tank brand is a high-end luxury off-road SUV brand launched by Great Wall Motors,

Highly favored in domestic and international markets.

Firstly, it is necessary to clarify the data parameters of the original factory wheels:

Data parameters of original tire hubs

The original tire specifications include: 265/65R17

Next, choose wheel hub size and width based on the tires

The original wheel hub PCD is 6x139.7, with a center bore of 100.1

If using the original tire specifications without lifting or increasing the size, it is recommended to use 17X8.5/8J wheels

Recommended brand BLACKMUD black mud | M550 | five pointed star shaped wheels | trendy style | high cost performance

The prevalence of counterfeit goods on the market and the lack of quality assurance for low-quality wheels pose significant safety hazards to driving,

Please recognize the authentic BLACKMUD brand